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Nothing has ever been more accurate than Thespian Peacock.

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this is how i spent my winter break.
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this is how i spent my winter break.

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Yeah I know its old news but I just wanted to say some stuff about this topic

Okay So I am a christian and yes I am straight.  I have some really awesome friends who some are gay, lesbian, and bi but I love them all the same.  

This whole Chick Fil A thing is kinda getting out of control and I guess I can see both reasons why but everyone I think is pushing it way too far.  So I was reading stuff on tumblr about it and some people I knew bashing other peoples opinions on the issue. Well everyone deserves FREEDOM OF SPEECH I mean its in the Constitution…. 

I personally don’t see what the huge deal is about the company saying they support traditional marriage.. Lets see there are many other places that support it but no one is bashing them. Forever 21. A christian place they have bible versus at the bottom of every bag. John 3:16 they came out saying they support traditional marriages.  A very popular store same, like Chick Fil A is a popular fast food place.  

Starbucks sends money each month supporting gay, bi sexual, and lesbian people organizations but you don’t see a bunch of people who believe in in traditional marriage boycotting the place.  Never once (of my knowledge) has Chick Fil A ask anyone what are their views on marriage when ordering their food. “Hello welcome to Chick Fil A. Are you straight? That will determine how I treat you or if I give you food.”  Or if you applied for a job there. “Oh lets see here you have some amazing fast food and cooking experience now tell me. Whats your view on marriage?” 

Just the whole thing with people saying how the world has changed and not everyone follows the bible the way it was intended in the first place. Then pull bible versus out trying to prove they are right.  First of all they have been pulling it out of the old testament… Its called the old testament for a reason…

The church and the people in it, well their main goal is to get be as close to God like as we can. But it is impossible to do. Nobody is perfect. I am not saying that as an excuse but its true we all have flaws that we need to work on.  Also not everyone believes there is a God out there or just have different views. Thats okay. not everyone gets along, thats life. If everyone got along there would be no wars. We live in a world full of sin and confusion.  But in those dark places you find out who you are as a person and how to find the light when you feel it is lost or alone.  

Who cares about who you like?  Everyone is going to disagree because that how the world was made. History always repeats itself so issues will keep being brought up. But honestly if you believe and are happy with the way you live your life why go out and make someone or a company feel bad for speaking their mind on what they believe? If the world was meant for every person to just be mean to each other and just cruel for someones honest opinion then we wouldn’t have been designed to feel guilt and pain. 

Again this is just my opinion as a person who is witnessing many people being upset and getting angry over a comment.  But did this person ever say I have and will continue to deny people their right to eat at a public place due to their views on marriage? 

Everyone loves to challenge each other and ask questions to prove the other person wrong or to gain knowledge on the subject.  Its apart of growing up and always trying to find the answer to the biggest questions “What is the meaning of life?” Who knows but I really doubt hating on someone is apart of that. Again just my opinion. 

One of the teachers of the law came and heard them debating. Noticing that Jesus had given them a good answer, he asked him, “Of all the commandments, which is the most important?” “The most important one,” answered Jesus, “is this: ‘Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.” (NIV, Mark 12:28-31).

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Update of summer

Been doing nothing to be completely honest. I have this guy who is leaving for college next year who will only be an hour and a half away who asked me out but I had to say no so now he isn’t talking to me. My friend and me were joking around with one of my guy friends and we convinced him that I liked some guy who doesn’t exist and then the real guy admitted that he liked me. Went to a grad party and drank and it was not fun. I stayed up all night just talking with people and chilling. The next day I had the worst headache ever and was sooo tired. I had to go to church at 10:13. But then didn’t end up going because my parents got into a fight. So we chilled at home then went to Ruby Tuesdays then home depot and bought pretty flowers :) I got pink Gerber Daisies they are my favorite :D then we came home and relaxed and watched This Means War, my new favorite movie :) so yeah that’s been it I miss seeing my amazing and beautiful friends so we need to hang out soon k thanks ttyl :)

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Maybe they were right saying that I don’t have what it takes to do music and be good at it

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I am really happy for everyone who made jazz. I know its going to be amazing. Just wish I could be apart of it…

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Yesterday Was A lot of Fun!!!

So I got up and went to school… yeahh I know right soo cool…. haha.

But we worked out solo stuff in choir for Somebody to Love and I am so excited to sing through it all :) It makes me really happy!!!

Then I had math and all we did was a ws helping us for our sol coming up.  Devon, Wife, and me like to have really deep conversations like if you only had a month to live what would you do? or if you have one day to live? and stuff like that

Then I left my jacket in the choir room and had to go back and get it before english because usually its really cold in there. So Devon and I walked to the choir room and I saw him :) He said hey sarah and I said Hi. (because I was rocking the uber awkness of the situation) Then I grabbed my jacket and went to class. He was standing at the end of the hall with some of his friends then started walking towards me.  He said hey what time does the show start. I said 7:30 and he said cool I am either coming tonight or tomorrow. I said Yay! Can’t wait. He said me neither. then I went to class :)

Then english…. Its dumb and I hate it a lot

I left the class and I walked with haley to drama and I ran into him again. He asked me when bridget auditions were and I really hope he auditions and gets it because he is soo good!

Then drama class where we did improve games 

then after school some of the girls in the solo group thing for choir met to work out all the parts and assign everyone something.  

Then we finished and I walked out of the choir room and my friend Katie from heritage was outside with some of her other friends and we went out and started talking to them and we all became friends and decided that we wanted our two drama departments to be friends and do stuff together :)

Then I started getting ready for the One Acts and my dad knocked on the dressing room and asked if I was in there. So i said yes and walked out and he brought me McDonalds (which I love) and my new phone :) So I was going through texting people saying hey I dont know who you are just got my new phone and entering contacts. The first one I got said hey if you get this I just want to let you know break a leg tonight :) I was like thanks umm who is this haha? and he said nick :) and I got all happy and we started talking and he said hey I’m sorry I cant go tonight I am having dinner with my parents.  But I am going to IHOP! I was like yay! well I guess I will see you tonight :) and he said yeah cant wait :)

This made me uber happy! Yeah then the One Acts went really well, I am proud!

then IHOP happened and it was soo much fun Nick and I the whole time were just messing with each other and talking.  then the night went on and we both had to go and he hugged me and said we should definitively do this again, I said yeah I’d like that.  Then we have this amazing waitress at IHOP named Tori. She is the number 1 female boxer in the US and number 2 in the world.  I got her cell phone number last night and I was just soo happy because I lover her soo much!!!

and yeah he is coming to see the show tonight :)


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Now the meeting is moved to Friday… Merrr

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